Be one step ahead – don’t give Spoofers a chance!

Protect your website from spoofers and online fraudsters by following Mercurytide's simple guidelines.

Website Spoofing is the intentional copying of your website with the aim of deceiving your customers – usually with fraud or theft in mind.

When someone spoofs your website, not only are you losing out on business and traffic, which is rightfully yours, but you’re also potentially exposed to lasting damage to your hard-earned reputation, which could take a long time and a lot of effort & expense to repair.

Potential visitors to your website may know of your business by name and will probably take a guess at your website address or just type the name into Google – at this point they may stumble across a domain that looks like your business but actually it isn’t. It may become instantly apparent that they’re on the wrong website, but if a Spoofer has obtained a similar domain and copied your website, your customer may not spot the difference.

Claim your Domains and have Mercurytide manage them for as little as £50 a year.

By securing domains similar to your own (For example, those with .co .cm .cc at the end – instead of the usual .com or you’re reducing the chances for website Spoofing and ensuring that there are immediately fewer opportunities to target your business. Another great reason for buying up similar domain names is that if your customers do type in the wrong domain address, we can set up automatic re-directs to your correct domain – meaning that your customers get to where they want to be in one click, with no confusion.

Mercurytide have access to all available domain names and already manage hundreds on behalf of our clients, we can set up and purchase the domains you require and manage them for you (we’ll let you know when domains are due to be renewed etc.) so if you’d like to know what domains you should be snapping up, get in touch