Ten ways to market your business with Linkedin

Have you ever wondered how some companies seem to thrive where you have struggled? A lot of businesses view Facebook and Twitter as the only social media platforms that really count. This may be true of some niche enterprises, but when it comes to brand building, LinkedIn is second to none.

By connecting the world’s largest network of professionals, LinkedIn needs to have an important place in your online marketing strategy.

Still not convinced?

  • LinkedIn has 238 million members
  • Two profiles are added every second
  • 35% of users access their profile every day
  • 81% of users belong to at least one group
  • 52% of these participates contribute to group discussions.

Aside from networking and recruiting the cream of the crop, LinkedIn can be instrumental in generating leads, improving brand trust and satisfying stakeholders,

Here’s why:

SEO value – by creating a business profile, the information you list on here is available for search engines to index. LinkedIn always appears fairly high in search engines, so having an optimised profile can be instrumental in generating new leads.

Boost website traffic – LinkedIn allows employees and business pages to publicise their websites or blogs. Within your profile, LinkedIn allows three URLs to be added – so if you don’t need all three for your homepage/services/news/portfolio; then pop your anchor text in for even more optimisation.

Show off your skills – list your skills and expertise, plus every single service and product. Create some momentum around your page by asking your clients to endorse you for the work you have done and services that they have received. This also helps to boost your internal visibility within LinkedIn too.   

Customer assurance – if a prospective client views your company’s page and sees glowing recommendations from your clients and peers, this could be a deciding factor in their purchasing decision.

Brand building – Brand up your page. Splash your logo and an engaging banner on your profile, this will be the first thing that your visitors see, so make sure that it gives a strong and positive indication of your brand.  

Freebies – Get involved in groups and discussions. If people are asking questions that relate to your business offering, then get involved in the conversation an offer some ‘free’ advice. Chances are, if they are looking for a business like yours, they are looking to spend money on these services.

Encourage employees to use LinkedIn – Every network has its own web of connections, by persuading your employees to build their own following on LinkedIn, your company will quickly become recognised as an enterprise full of individual experts. They can do this easily - simply by commenting on industry news, sharing your news articles and building their own database of connections.

Flaunt your own work – LinkedIn offers the ability to upload images and links to other work. Use videos, images, infographics and article links to create an online portfolio of what your business is great at.

Advertise – If you have got something to shout about, and want to get the message out there, then spending a little on LinkedIn advertising can ensure that you are seen and heard. Adverts can be targeted, so that your money will be spent on those who are most interested in what you have to say.

Keep it social – A well maintained and regularly updated LinkedIn page shows that you have plenty of opinions, comments and ideas within your own industry. Provide updates and tips that are informative and useful to your audience and connections.

Most Importantly! Keep it professional, LinkedIn is NOT just ‘another Facebook’ and is probably not the best place to host the office Christmas party photos. Mercurytide know exactly how to make online marketing work for you. If you want to chat to one of our friendly experts, don't hesitate to get in contact.

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