Two letter domain names available to buy

Organisations in the UK will now be allowed to register one or two character domain names. Over two thousand, two letter UK domain names will be available to buy on 23rd May 2011

Nominet's Policy Advisory Body (PAB) will be releasing a number of previously reserved short domain names. The sale of the 2,640 remaining .uk short domains will begin on 23 May 2011.

Until now, two letter domain names have been extremely difficult to get hold of and have sold for many thousands of pounds each.


How to aquire one

To ensure all interested parties can take part, Nominet will open a Landrush application window at midday (12.00 BST) 23 May 2011 and will close it at midday (12.00 BST) 15 June 2011. During this period, these domain names will not be available on a first come first served basis.

Throughout the application window, registrants can apply for the short domains they are interested in via their registrars.

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