Why we rebuilt our own website

The importance of making a website, system or online experience to fit a business exactly, can't be overstated.

With that being said, we weren't practising what we preached and had neglected our own website for too long.  It was time for a change...

Mobile first

As with all of the websites we build, we place a bigger emphasis on the mobile experience as this is now the dominating device used across the world. With the nature of our particular services, many of our visitors also find us at work in an office, so it was essential to make sure that our website looked fantastic on all platforms and devices.

Clearer service offering

As we have been in business for over 18 years, our website has grown significantly and we needed to make our service offering clearer. Our focuses have also changed over the years as the internet and user behaviours have evolved. Now that we offer new services like integrated marketing, we wanted to make it clear to our visitors exactly what it is we do and what we can do for them.

Content engagement

To improve readability and content engagement, we revisited all of the content across the site. We took into account the latest search engine optimisation practices, while making our content less techy sounding, clearer and friendlier. By looking closely at the typography and readability of the text itself, the content is now easier to consume on mobile devices.


To bring our branding into 2018, we made some changes to our logo, colour palette, tone of voice and imagery. These updates now better present Mercurytide as the friendly, innovative and eternally curious company that we are, while showcasing the modern design and coding practices we use for our clients.

Work showcasing

The work we do for our current clients is the best way to show what we can do for prospective clients. It was essential to showcase the work we are proud of in its best light. We re-wrote each of our case studies and added more screenshots to show the skills of our design and development teams, as well as presenting the performance and ROI results to show the skills of our business analysis and SEO teams.


To further showcase the work, we wanted to include a video of all of our recent work for our visitors who don't have a lot of time and need to know what we do quickly. We won and were shortlisted for several awards last year, so we wanted to show some of this work in a fast-paced and impactful way. 

Emphasis on team & careers

Attracting talent is vital to any forward-thinking business. We value each and every member of our team and our website needed to convey this to any prospective team members. We also wanted to feature all of the team on the new website (rather than just the management team, which is common for corporate websites).


Our team worked very hard on this website. It’s experimental in places and we think showcases our collective skills well. Our team is very proud of it and it should help to bring us forward into the exciting future we have planned for Mercurytide.


If you like what we do and would like us to do the same for your business, get in touch