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  1. Your GDPR Checklist so far

    A quick checklist for the start of your GDPR compliance journey. Some key points to consider.

  2. Legitimate Interests

    There are two distinctions to understand when it comes to the processing of personal data and whether you need to obtain permission or not from your client or customer. Here we discuss legitimate interest as a means of reliance when processing personal data.

  3. Does your retention policy comply with the GDPR?

    Every business needs a detailed retention policy if they store personal data. Find out how to create and apply a retention policy to your company in this article.

  4. GDPR and your marketing communications

    Processing personal data for the purpose of legitimate interests and direct marketing. Find out how the GDPR impacts the way you communicate with your current and potential clients.

  5. Consent under the GDPR

    A breakdown of what consent is under the GDPR and what approach you should take, including practical advice.

  6. The 6 principles of GDPR that will affect your business

    A breakdown of the GDPR's core principles, explaining the impact that they may have on your business.

  7. Introduction to the GDPR

    The first in a series of articles breaking down the European Union's new privacy and personal data regulation.

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