See how we helped Direct Doors to double their online conversions

Direct Doors challenged us to improve their online conversion rates in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 


What we did

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We developed bespoke functionality which took customers through a step-by-step purchasing process. The system suggested carefully selected products - such as handles and locks - that would be the right fit for their chosen door. 

This resulted in:

Not only did this increase Direct Doors' profits, it also increased their team's productivity. Direct Doors spent less time processing returns and dealing with customer enquiries as their new system suggested the right products at the right time, making the puchasing process quick and easy for customers.  

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What do they have to say about us?

We were searching for a company with enthusiasm, knowledge and a 'can do' attitude. They have always been excellent at taking a proactive approach - they don’t just set it up and say "there you go". I know this begins to sound like an advert for them but genuinely you will not get better."

Mike Froude, Managing Director.


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