See how we improved member satisfaction at Entrepreneurial Exchange

The Challenge

As a collective of some of Scotland’s most prolific and influential entrepreneurs, their senior board members felt that their current site did not reflect the calibre of their members.

Frustrations with their current website included that event management processes were inefficient and time consuming which led to poor event attendance and undermined staff productivity. Also, current information and site design offered a poor user experience and gave little insight into Entrepreneurial Exchange's impressive list of members.

How we solved it

Mercurytide created a reliable and robust site that offered a vastly improved event management system. The new public-facing website gave a clear outline of Entrepreneurial Exchange's members.

The new site had a tailored solution which facilitated the production of membership newsletters. The new system also updated memberships automatically updated due to an annual survey.

Staff now had a clear understanding of their members needs due to the intelligent features within the back office system which produced reports, surveys and an overview of current members.

The Results

Their new website represented the quality of their brand, and it's influential members. The improved communication resulted in greater event attendance and overall member satisfaction.

Entrepreneurial Exchange's website required minimal input and administration from its staff due to the tailored system taking care of the majority of updates and regulation. This improved administation staff's productivity and efficiency.

The revenue that was previously lost through poor event attendance was now eradicated. Visit their polished new site to see Entrepreneurial Exchange's impressive portfolio of members. a

What do they have to say about us?

Above and beyond their undoubted technical expertise, what for me sets Mercurytide apart is the effort they have made to learn and understand our business. This commitment is ongoing and has helped to establish an almost partnership type relationship. It has generated huge efficiencies and ensures that our digital developments align seamlessly with our corporate objectives."

Martin Holliday, Associate Director.

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