See how we help i-Visualizer to help their clients sell more

The Challenge

i-Visualizer approached Mercurytide with a unique vision for a sales tool that they wished to develop. Through experience, they had found that typical presentation were limiting when it came to enabling the sales process. Rather than using stale presentations, i-Visualizer wanted to introduce the concept of a visual storyboard sales app to their clients. This app would have an engaging, media rich format which could be launched and edited at anytime, via a mobile device or PC. 

How we solved it

Mercurytide created a fine-tuned sales app that delivered a memorable visual narrative. By adopting storytelling, i-Visualizer offered a unique and memorable method for promoting sales. Functions of the new app offered drawn out animation, launch videos, websites and media rich content.

The content of the presentations were easily changeable, and Mercurytide created a number of bespoke templates to facilitate a multitude of sales situations. Businesses that implemented i-Visualizer's app within their sales team could deliver pitches easily, using only a mobile device. However, if preferred - the app could also be launched via a desktop, catering for all needs and situations with a sales cycle.

The Results

i-Visualizer now have strong and long-standing relationships with their customers, including large, global organisations that have benefitted from the i-Visualizer solution. Take a tour around i-Visualizer's innovative app via their website, also developed by Mercurytide.

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