Intelligent Office is the UK's leading provider of support services to the legal sector with more than 900 people based in 49 client sites and two shared service centres

IOThe challenge

To create a solution to form the foundation of company operations and streamline staff activities.

How we solved it

The first step in the project involved spending time with Intelligent Office in order to truly understand their business processes.  This enabled Mercurytide to propose a series of technological tools which would optimize key workflows, and help Intelligent Office deliver value to their clients more efficiently.  Key requirements included managing large volumes of documents securely, and recording information about the work done by staff on behalf of their clients.

Once the solution had been defined, Mercurytide designed a clean and simple interface which was optimised for ease of use on both tablets and PCs.  The result was a solution that was intuitive and straightforward, yet still delivered powerful functionality.

The new system has become the foundation of Intelligent Office's operations and has helped them to expand and take on new clients.  In particular, the data recorded by the solution has enabled detailed operational reports to be generated which have led to ongoing refinements to working processes, helping them to deliver their services better than ever before.

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