Refer Mercurytide for a massive reward

We decided it was time to share some love with all of our wonderful clients. In exchange for you spreading and referring the word of Mercurytide we will, as your referrals become customers, reward you with a discount voucher towards future work with Mercurytide.

How does it work?

Simply fill out the form below and refer as many people or organisations as you like. As they become Mercurytide customers, your discount voucher will start accumulating.

For each of your referrals who become a Mercurytide customer, you will receive a discount voucher corresponding to the value of your referral’s total project cost. For full breakdown, please refer to the table below.

Discount Voucher Breakdown:

Your Combined Referrals’ Project Costs (GBP £)

Your Corresponding Discount Voucher Total (GBP £)

Up to 10,000 1,000
Up to 25,000 2,500
Up to 50,000  5,000
Up to 100,000  7,500
Over 100,000 10,000

Example; if you submit three referrals and their combined project cost is £64,000, you will receive a discount voucher of £7,500.


The Small Print

All referrals supplied to Mercurytide must be registered through the form below. 

There is no limit to the number of referrals that you can submit to Mercurytide, but the total discount available to you, across all referrals you generate, is capped at £10,000.

The discount voucher is only applicable to a referral’s first project with Mercurytide.

Referrals must have become a Mercurytide customer, or have confirmed intent to become a Mercurytide customer, by 5pm, 31st August 2016, in order for a discount voucher to be generated.

A discount voucher can be used on all Mercurytide services including support, consulting, graphic design and Email Hype. A voucher can also be used towards new projects and business requirements.

In order to spend your discount voucher through support, a minimum of three weeks’ prior notice is required by Mercurytide. This can be done by emailing

Any discount voucher you receive, specifically relates to future work with Mercurytide, and cannot be used to pay off any outstanding balance owed to Mercurytide.

All discount vouchers issued are valid until 5pm, 31st August 2017, at which time any discount remaining will be nullified.

Get Referring

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