We are unique in that we have a dedicated team of developers and testers who are on hand to make site improvements, updates and fixes for our clients quickly and efficiently.

Mercurytide's dedicated support team helps clients make changes & improvements to their sites and offers professional advice based on clients business needs.

About Support

If you don't already know our Support Director, then please meet Martin. Martin looks after the Mercurytide Support team and is contactable via phone or, email (or through our support system) to help you with any changes you may need to make to your site. Don't worry, he won't spout technical language at you, but will put any technical terms into plain English!

How Support Works

Mercurytide's support services are offered on an ad-hoc or support plan basis. The majority of our clients opt for a monthly support plan, which is set at a fixed fee and contains a set amount of support time as well as other benefits. It's cost effective and allows you to budget a fixed amount each month. If you don't use up your monthly allowance of support time, it is simply carried over into the next month(s). We have contracts to suit all budgets and requirements - if you want to find out more, please get in touch with our team and we'll chat you through the possibilities.

Our Support System

Mercurytide provides a modern support system which offers a convenient way to contact our team. The system is accessible from any connected device so clients can view and manage their current support requests at any time.

Keeping all communications centrally helps streamline the process, ensuring that updates are completed quickly and efficiently - and the whole system is encrypted to give you peace of mind that your ticket details are stored securely. 

Support Login Page

The system allows clients to see the progress of requests and send messages and instructions to our team, whilst also being able to review & approve any changes and upload documents - all from any location.

Support System Benefits

To discuss any support enquiries with us, including support plans, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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