Domains with Mercurytide

Key Terms

Mercurytide acts as a registrar and is therefore able to register and maintain domains on behalf of its customers*. In line with Nominet guidelines, Mercurytide must provide you with information on its key terms where the following is concerned. 

  • Registration
  • Renewal (including expiry notices)
  • Expiry Charges
  • Cancellation
  • Transfer process
  • Charges

Mercurytide's Key Terms are in place to make sure there ar no hidden costs to registrants.


Mercurytide's standard domain registration process is as follows and will be used for all domains where possible.

  1. We will investigate the availability of the domain(s) to understand if it is possible to register.
  2. If available, we will inform you of costs and the annual renewal period.
  3. If costs are acceptable, we will purchase & register the domain on your behalf. You have the option to reject or respond when we notify you of the domain registration details, price and future domain renewals options.
  4. If agreed and registered, we will confirm in writing and advise of the renewal & cancelation process.
  5. Customers registering UK domains with Mercurytide will be made aware of the Nominet T&Cs via a hyperlink to the Nominet Terms & Conditions in email communications.

Renewal (including expiry notices)

All domains managed by Mercurytide are automatically renewed – this means that unless otherwise instructed by you, all of the domains that we manage on your behalf will automatically renew at the end of their registration period.

Renewal periods:

  • domain names are renewed annually (initial registration period may be 2 years).
  • .com, .org, .info etc will renew annually.

Expiry Charges

There are no explicit expiry charges. As domains registered by Mercurytide are set to be automatically renewed (so that domains do not expire and are potentially lost). If domains are to expire, please see information below relating to cancellation.


If you no longer require a domain that is currently managed by Mercurytide, Mercurytide require a 90 day notice period, prior to the renewal date. If we do not receive instruction within this time period, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to stop the domain from renewing over the next registration period. Failure to provide the required notice for cancelling a domain name could result in you being billed for the next renewal period.

Transfer Process

Mercurytide has separate internal processes for both inbound and outbound domain transfers. 

Inbound transfers will follow a similar process as per registration above, but will have additional checkpoints.

  • Verifying permission to transfer.
  • Checking expiry dates
  • Gathering relevant information on any services with the domain (zone file details)

    * DNS hosting
    * Website hosting
    * Email hosting

  • We may request your permission access to control panels, account and any third party providers in order to facilitate a transfer.
  • If the renewal is within 30 days, this will be billed by Mercurytide during the transfer, otherwise at the next renewal date.

Outbound transfers will require the following.

  1. Completion of paperwork (to be supplied by Mercurytide on request), listing all domains to be released.
  2. On receipt of the signed paperwork, we will send you confirmation/notification to the registrant email address (and your email address if different).
  3. Following internal review, we will perform the transfer and advise all parties, including accounts.


Standard charges for domains (including all support and management of the domains, DNS, admin etc.) are as follows: 

  • - £50 + VAT every 2 years
  • .com, .org, .net,, .co, .us, .biz, .ca, .eu    - £50 + VAT every year.
  •,  .tv, .me - £80 + VAT every year
  • .cc,  .cn  - £60 + VAT every year
  • .cm  £120 + VAT every year

Costs for other top level domains (TLDs) can be supplied on request.

Further information on Terms

  • Full details on Nominet's Registrar Agreement and Terms & Conditions can be found here
  • Mercurytide Terms & conditions are published at:
  • General Terms for customers are outlined in our terms of business documentation, which is supplied to all customers.
  • Mercurytide registers the majority domains on behalf of its clients, with eNom, Inc. (a Nominet member).

Customer Service Level commitments

Mercurytide offers support services to all clients via phone, email and self-service support portal. Mercurytide is committed to dealing with all customer enquiries within the following Service Level Agreement targets.

* Respond to all new requests within 1 business day
* Perform any initial technical investigations in 3 working days
* Resolve all requests on best-effort basis in 10 working days
* Telephone Average speed of answer of <30 seconds

Mercurytide offers support from 9:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday. Out of hours queries generate voicemail and are responded to on a priority basis.

Tickets can be raised 24/7 at

Complaints and appeal procedures

Customers may contact Mercurytide directly via the following methods to raise a complaint.

Website :
Phone: +44(0)333 666 7007

Or in writing at:

3 Queen Charlotte Lane

Escalations for any customers unsatisfied with the initial response will be escalated internally to the Managing Director for appropriate action & response. These escalations will be handled as per the above SLA but may also be expedited based on severity.

For any questions on the above, please contact us