A data-driven solution for a data-driven company

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HIM are a leading UK authority in providing research and insight into shopper behaviour across the food retail sector

HIM's previous website was a number of years old and no longer accurately reflected their level of expertise. They therefore required an updated website which distinguished them from their competitors, maximised opportunities for growth, attracted new clients, improved communication and strengthened their position within their market. 

One of the main reasons they chose Mercurytide to create their solution was that they also wanted to build a bespoke data analysis tool. The tool needed to allow HIM's customers to create detailed insights reports and visualisations.

Both the marketing website and the data analysis tool needed to be integrated into a single solution.


HIM screenshot


The results

HIM recently embarked on a rebranding process and we needed to ensure the website and data analysis tool was consistent with their new look. 

The data analysis tool we built for them brings together the large amount of data HIM collects on shoppers and allows their clients to compare a wide range of demographics. It is a powerful product and has become a core part of HIM's business.  

Head over to the new HIM site to see our work in action.


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