Promoting the safe use of mobile elevating work platforms

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Mercurytide was approached by IPAF to create a simple and engaging way to capture the attention of everyday operators and provide health and safety information. 

Introducing Andy Access and Hugh Hazard...

Mercurytide developed two illustrated characters, to be used across print and digital platforms. The characters were carefully designed to appeal to audiences of all cultures in countries across the world.

Hugh Hazard is a well-meaning antagonist and Andy Access is always there to save the day. The quirky nature of the characters uses humour to convey the importance of staying safe while working at height.





The results

We have produced a large series of posters in 11 languages, as well as a series of animations to highlight key topics.

We are proud to work with IPAF to promote health and safety across the world and we look forward to the applications of Andy Access and Hugh Hazard continually expanding.


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