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See how we streamlined business operations, enhanced staff productivity and increased student satisfaction.

Our relationship with ISSOS began with the creation of an effective marketing website and, eight years later has evolved to accommodate a sophisticated back office system.

The International Summer School of Scotland (ISSOS) offers exclusive summer school programmes in St. Andrews and Cambridge. The popularity of the experiences they provide resulted in a tremendous number of applications from prospective students; applications which were complex and time-consuming for the ISSOS team to process and manage.

With no digital system or information architecture in place for this data, processing applications, parent communications and student enquiries were cumbersome tasks for the ISSOS team. Unsurprisingly, the management of these was a considerable drain on staff productivity.

Mercurytide has provided ongoing solutions to ISSOS’s business challenges by proactively suggesting improvements to tackle bottlenecks which were hampering their employee’s efficiency. This has culminated in the development of a bespoke system which unifies the management of applications, enquiries and payment reminders.

Mercurytide’s bespoke back office solution consolidated all candidate information in order to simplify the management of applications. This centralised system meant that ISSOS’s staff could see, at a glance, what stage each applicant was at in the sales process.

In additional to data management, Mercurytide’s system would also auto-generate email communications to parents, to take them through a conversion process by sending a series of marketing emails. This dramatically reduced the time spent on correspondence with the parents and guardians of ISSOS’s summer programme.



The results

Our unique solution has streamlined business operations and reinforced ISSOS’s reputation as quality providers of summer school programmes. Students and parents are satisfied due to the smooth application procedure and resultant communications which keeps them updated at every stage of the process.

Since the launch of their solution, ISSOS have reported a considerable increase in staff efficiency, satisfaction and productivity. The new system developed by Mercurytide has allowed the ISSOS team to spend less time on administration and more time on the day-to-day running of the business. As a result their summer school programmes are filling up faster than ever - enrolment 2015 reached capacity by Feb 2014 and has a waiting list in excess of 100 students. Due to their places filling up so quickly, ISSOS have started taking applications for 2016. 

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A word from the client

"We have worked with Mercurytide for over eight years. Our bespoke client management system has saved us money in the long run; it replaces at least one member of staff and makes all of our systems more streamlined. We looked at lots of readymade systems before deciding to get one designed, as none of the ones available did what we needed, this system does exactly what we need and we can change and improve it all the time. The best thing is – it never breaks, we trust Mercurytide to deliver exactly what we need, on time and always to a high standard.”

Jen Munro, Managing Director


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