A revolutionary mobile recycling solution

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Making it easy for thousands of customer to recycle their old devices

We were asked to create a revolutionary end-to-end mobile recycling management system from O2's 450 stores to Redeem's recycling warehouse. Managing everything from valuations, police checks, payments and track and trace.

Mercurytide worked with O2 and Redeem to define the system from scratch, all the way from handling the device in store, through to tracking it, to grading and valuing the devices at Redeem's processing plants. Once the details were hammered out, a system was implemented which integrated seamlessly with O2's EPOS system, and enabled the price of the device to be looked up instantly via a real-time API.

Another important piece of the puzzle came in the form of customer communications - the system was able to keep customers up to date on the progress of their handset, and the value they could expect to receive.


O2 screenshot


The results

O2's recycling scheme has grown to form a significant part of their commercial strategy, with it being actively marketed in stores, across social media and TV.  After a successful integration into 450 stores in just 32 days, the system processed and recycled £1 million worth of mobile phones within the first month!

A word from the client

"Mercurytide took on a project that had a very short delivery time. The resulting applications, performance and integration went very smoothly and has gone some way in assuring our customers that we are ahead of the game in terms of the technology that we use.

David McCabe, Operations Director


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