Scott Country

Helping night vision specialists to be seen

Scott Country screenshot

Scott Country International (SCI) are Scotland’s leading supplier of night vision equipment and other sporting goods.

The success of their online business prompted SCI to create an entirely new website aimed at facilitating further growth, gaining a wider reach and driving visitor conversion.

Scott Country approached Mercurytide with a few objectives:

  • Provide website visitors with a modern look and feel that promotes Scott Country International’s extensive product range and the expertise in their field
  • Improve visitor experience
  • Provide an effective conversion process, turning visitors into paying customers
  • Strengthen the position of the brand within the market
  • Improve search engine optimisation to drive more traffic to the site


Scott Country screenshots


The results

As SCI offer such specialised products and attract an audience who are interested in the smallest technical details, we needed to make sure that the interface provided a smooth browsing experience to led them to their products easily. As a result, the new ecommerce site has helped SCI to increase sales and attract a wider customer base. 

Head over to the new Scott Country site to see our work in action.


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