Helping recruitment agencies maintain contact with their candidates


TribeDen is a contact management tool developed and created for recruitment agencies. The tool helps keep their contacts organised, up-to-date, and secure.

Mercurytide was tasked with designing and developing a mobile and desktop app for TribeDen. Working closely with recruitment agencies in order to fully understand their needs, we developed a system that automatically cleans, deduplicates, sorts and enriches contact data by pulling information from email signatures and other marketing platforms. The tool then seamlessly centralises all contact information from across the organisation's devices and platforms to ensure no contact is ever lost. 

Mercurytide designed a clean, simple, yet impactful logo for TribeDen, which is now used across all platforms. As part of the wider branding, a set of illustrations were created to help bring the text heavy data to life.

The result is a beautiful and intuitive system that makes lives easier in this data heavy age.







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