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Monitoring their marketing ROI by tracking phone enquiries generated by their website

Wise Property Care is a highly successful and longstanding provider of property repair treatments in Scotland. Mercurytide’s relationship with Wise Property spans several years, and in during this time their website has gone from strength to strength. We helped to increase organic traffic to Wise Property Care’s website by 2,000%.

We developed a site for Wise Property Care that was successfully generating customer enquiries and high levels of traffic. However, our client wanted to be able to put a figure on its effectiveness by measuring the number of phone enquiries generated by the website. Mercurytide needed to implement a tool that would allow each customer’s journey to be tracked from search term to the completion of an enquiry and in particular, if that enquiry was via telephone.  

We integrated a system that would present each website visitor with a unique phone number. When a customer made a phone enquiry, Wise Property Care would be able to see exactly where these visitors had come from as well as seeing the pages they had viewed on the website.

This gave Wise Property a unique resource which allowed them to accurately gauge how many enquiries were generated by the website as well as seeing their customer’s journey through the site. By having a clear picture of their site’s performances as well as the conversion rates of individual web pages, Wise Property Care could tailor their marketing efforts towards improving specific areas of their site’s content.


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The results

Wise Property Care now had accurate data which would allow them to attribute customer conversions to the marketing content on their web pages. They were able to create a tracking funnel from each call which gave Wise Property Care’s staff the insight into the pages that triggered the enquiries.  This insight meant that Wise Property Care could pinpoint their top-performing pages as well as identifying areas of the site which needed more work to engage and convert website visitors.

This helped to improve the overall performance of their website even further and meant that Wise Property Care could refine their investment in online marketing activities. Using this data allowed Wise Property Care to develop an informed strategy for their site, so that their efforts would result in maximum return on investment.

Head over to the Wise Property Care website to see what we did for them.

A word from the client

"We really cannot praise Mercurytide enough for the work they have done. They have helped us to grow the success of our website exponentially and we can now make the link between customer enquiries and our website’s performance. This puts us in a position to make informed decisions about our website and where to focus our effort in order to generate maximum ROI."

Andy Ferguson, Marketing & Communications Manager


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